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Year Event Winners
2015Men's DoublesJ. KELLY & R. THAWAIT
2014Men's DoublesM. RICHARDS & R. BRAZIER
2013Men's DoublesK. BRAZIER & R. BRAZIER
2012Men's DoublesA. LEE & C. WHITEHOUSE
2011Men's DoublesC. EDGE & D. TWIST
2010Men's DoublesM. BRAZIER & M. GOUGH
2009Men's DoublesC. EDGE & T. BOLAND
2008Men's DoublesG. HART & T. WILDING
2007Men's DoublesC. EDGE & M. COULSON
2006Men's DoublesG. HART & N. CLARKE
2005Men's DoublesB. KASSELL & A.N. OTHER
2004Men's DoublesA. HAWLEY & B. MCBRIDE
2003Men's DoublesA. HAWLEY & C. SMITH
2002Men's DoublesK. SAUNDERS & W. SHAW
2001Men's DoublesA. HAWLEY & R. VARMA
2000Men's DoublesW. OVERTON & L. MARKS
1997Men's DoublesM. SANDERS & D. WATKIN
1996Men's DoublesB. SANDERS & M. SANDERS
1995Men's DoublesW. LEA & D. LLOYD
1994Men's DoublesD. PLATT & D. LLOYD
1993Men's DoublesG. SAUNDERS & D. LLOYD
1992Men's DoublesC. SMITH & B. CUMBERLIDGE
1991Men's DoublesR.C. HINTON & D.A. SLATER
1990Men's DoublesA.G. MAMMATT & T. STANFORD
1989Men's DoublesW.M. OVERTON & D. LLOYD
1988Men's DoublesC.N. CLARKE & R.S. KUSHWAHA
1987Men's DoublesP.J. ADAMS & R.S. KUSHWAHA
1986Men's DoublesP. CLEAVE & J.P. WINCER
1985Men's DoublesB. SANDERS & N.E. CLARKE
1984Men's DoublesP. CROCKER & D.G. GRIFFITHS
1982Men's DoublesC.N. CLARKE & A.R. INCE
1981Men's DoublesA.R. INCE & T. VARGA
1980Men's DoublesA.R. INCE & T. VARGA
1979Men's DoublesA.R. INCE & A.K. JONES
1978Men's DoublesD.F. CUMBERLIDGE & A.K. JONES
1977Men's DoublesA.H. SAGAR & A.K. JONES
1976Men's DoublesA.R. INCE & P. TOPHAM
1975Men's DoublesA.K. JONES & D. CHEADLE
1974Men's DoublesA.R. INCE & P. CROCKER
1973Men's DoublesA.K. JONES & V. O'BRIEN
1972Men's DoublesA.G. MAMMATT & C.E. CLARKE
1971Men's DoublesA.G. MAMMATT & V. O'BRIEN
1970Men's DoublesA.G. MAMMATT & B. BAGSHAW
1969Men's DoublesR.D. PEACH & J.M. BULLOCK
1968Men's DoublesR.D. PEACH & R.C. HINTON
1967Men's DoublesC.E. CLARKE & B.R. EDMONSON
1966Men's DoublesR.D. PEACH & B. HUGHES
1965Men's DoublesB.J. ECCLESHALL & C.E. CLARKE
1964Men's DoublesP. CATER & W.J. WHITEHOUSE
1963Men's DoublesH.C. FLETCHER & A.D. RUSTON
1962Men's DoublesB.R. EDMONSON & A.D. RUSTON
1961Men's DoublesF. BULLOCK & A.D. RUSTON
1960Men's DoublesJ.E. YARDLEY & V. O'BRIEN
1959Men's DoublesJ.E. YARDLEY & S.G. HAYNES
1958Men's DoublesB.W. HANSON & A.G. MAMMATT
1957Men's DoublesF. BULLOCK & A.G. MAMMATT
1956Men's DoublesW.J. WHITEHOUSE & S.G. HAYNES
1955Men's DoublesF. BULLOCK & A. D. RUSTON
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