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Year Event Winner
2016Men's SinglesR. BRAZIER
2015Men's SinglesR. BRAZIER
2014Men's SinglesR. BRAZIER
2013Men's SinglesM. BRAZIER
2012Men's SinglesT. KNOWLES
2011Men's SinglesM. BRAZIER
2010Men's SinglesC. EDGE
2009Men's SinglesM. BRAZIER
2008Men's SinglesC. EDGE
2007Men's SinglesC. EDGE
2006Men's SinglesW. SHAW
2005Men's SinglesC. EDGE
2003Men's SinglesG. SHAW
2002Men's SinglesG. SHAW
2001Men's SinglesA. HAWLEY
2000Men's SinglesG. SHAW
1997Men's SinglesM. LLOYD
1995Men's SinglesD.J. LLOYD
1994Men's SinglesD.J. LLOYD
1993Men's SinglesD.J. LLOYD
1992Men's SinglesD.J. LLOYD
1991Men's SinglesD.J. LLOYD
1990Men's SinglesRAJEEV KUSHWAHA
1989Men's SinglesROHIT KUSHWAHA
1988Men's SinglesROHIT KUSHWAHA
1987Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1986Men's SinglesP.M. HILL
1985Men's SinglesP. CLEAVE
1984Men's SinglesP.M. HILL
1983Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1982Men's SinglesP.M. HILL
1981Men's SinglesC.N. CLARKE
1980Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1979Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1978Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1977Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1976Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1975Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1974Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1973Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1972Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1971Men's SinglesA.R. INCE
1970Men's SinglesD. WARD
1969Men's SinglesD. WARD
1968Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1967Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1966Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1965Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1964Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1963Men's SinglesR.D. PEACH
1962Men's SinglesP.CATER
1961Men's SinglesP.CATER
1960Men's SinglesD.R.MASON
1959Men's SinglesJ.E. YARDLEY
1958Men's SinglesJ.E. YARDLEY
1957Men's SinglesA.G. MAMMATT
1956Men's SinglesA.D. RUSTON
1955Men's SinglesA.D. RUSTON
1954Men's SinglesA.G. MAMMATT
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