Fixtures/Results - 2019
Date Time Opposition Team H/A Result Player
Sun 3 Mar10.00Solihull Tennis 2Spring League HD 4-4Neil ClarkeNon-Renewed MemberRob KeelingBrian McBride
Sun 10 Mar10.00Edgbaston Priory 2Spring League HL 2-6Neil ClarkeNon-Renewed MemberRob KeelingBobby Christopher
Sun 17 Mar10.00David Lloyd Great Barr Spring League AD 4-4Rob KeelingBobby ChristopherThomas StoreBrian McBride
Sun 24 Mar10.00Coleshill Spring League AL 1-7Rob KeelingJoseph SchwenkBobby ChristopherMike Coulson
Mon 1 Apr18.30Tipton Ladies BLadies DAW 3-1Angela ThompsonKay FarringtonBecky TurnerNidhi Thawait
Thu 4 Apr18.30Walsall Ladies CLadies BAD 2-2Tayler LeeAbi WallSally LathamGill Pinnegar
Thu 4 Apr18.30Walsall Ladies BLadies CHD 2-2Kay FarringtonDel JohnstonAngela ThompsonAnita England
Fri 5 Apr18.30Wolverhampton Ladies FLadies DHW 3-1Becky TurnerNidhi ThawaitKay FarringtonBeate Pesian
Sun 7 Apr10.00Holford Drive Spring League AD 4-4Alex LeeTayler LeeBobby ChristopherJoseph Schwenk
Fri 12 Apr18.30Wollaston Ladies CLadies DHW 4-0Nidhi ThawaitBeate PesianKay FarringtonBecky Turner
Sun 14 Apr10.00Sutton Coldfield 1Spring League HW 5-3Alex LeeWill ShawTrevor BeardmoreChris Ince
Fri 26 Apr18.30Streetly Mens DMens BAW 3-1Alex LeeWill ShawDalla GhumanPaul Maguire
Fri 26 Apr18.30Florence Ladies Ladies AAW 3-1Hazel RichardsEmily SouthallKia Landell Abi Wall
Sat 27 Apr10.30Walsall Ladies BLadies CAD 2-2Sally LathamJoanne BrothertonAnita EnglandDel Johnston
Sat 27 Apr10.30Walsall Ladies CLadies BHD 2-2Abi WallTayler LeeSally LathamGill Pinnegar
Sun 28 Apr10.00Halesowen Men Mens BAW 3-1Alex LeeWill ShawDalla GhumanPaul Maguire
Sun 28 Apr10.00Albert Mens FMens CHW 4-0Mike CoulsonRob KeelingNadeem AhmadRobert Chudy
Tue 30 Apr18.30Wollaston Ladies CLadies DAD 2-2Becky TurnerNidhi ThawaitGill PinnegarAngela Thompson
Sat 4 May10.30David Lloyd Great Barr Ladies ALadies BHW 3-1Tayler LeeAbi WallAlex LofthouseSally Latham
Sun 5 May10.00Weoley Hill Spring League AL 3-5Craig EastwoodNadeem AhmadRob KeelingBobby Christopher
Tue 7 May18.20Halesowen Men Mens BHW 3-1Chris InceTrevor BeardmorePaul MaguireAlex Lee
Fri 10 May18.30Cheslyn Hay Ladies Ladies DHW 4-0Becky TurnerNidhi ThawaitKay FarringtonBeate Pesian
Sun 12 May13.00Streetly Ladies BLadies BAW 4-0Tayler LeeAbi WallAlex LofthouseAnita England
Sun 12 May10.00Streetly Mens EMens CHD 2-2Rob KeelingJoseph SchwenkMatt Firkins Harris
Mon 13 May18.30Old Hill Ladies Ladies CAD 2-2Anita EnglandDel JohnstonJoanne BrothertonAngela Thompson
Tue 14 May18.30Cheslyn Hay Mens AMens BHW 4-0Alex LeePaul MaguireTrevor BeardmoreWill Shaw
Fri 17 May18.30Wombourne Ladies BLadies DHW 3-1Nidhi ThawaitBecky TurnerKay FarringtonGill Pinnegar
Sat 18 May10.30Streetly Ladies BLadies BHD 2-2Tayler LeeAbi WallAlex LofthouseKudzai Chivenga
Sun 19 May10.30Albert Mens FMens CAW 3-1Mike CoulsonRobert ChudyMatt FirkinsBrian McBride
Wed 22 May18.30Albert Mens CMens BAW 3-1Alex LeePaul MaguireTrevor BeardmoreChris Ince
Wed 22 May18.30Wombourne Ladies ALadies CAL 1-3Anita EnglandJoanne BrothertonGill PinnegarSally Latham
Fri 24 May18.30Cheslyn Hay Mens BMens CAD 2-2Nadeem AhmadMike CoulsonRob KeelingMatt Firkins
Mon 3 Jun (from Fri 3 May)18.30Tipton Ladies BLadies DHW 4-0Becky TurnerNidhi ThawaitBeate PesianAngela Thompson
Tue 4 Jun18.30Old Hill Ladies Ladies BAW 4-0WalkoverWalkoverWalkoverWalkover
Wed 5 Jun18.30Streetly Mens DMens BHW 4-0Chris InceTrevor BeardmoreWill ShawDalla Ghuman
Wed 5 Jun18.30Wombourne Ladies BLadies DAW 3-1Nidhi ThawaitAngela ThompsonGill PinnegarKay Farrington
Sun 9 Jun10.00Cheslyn Hay Ladies Ladies DAD 2-2Becky TurnerNidhi ThawaitGill PinnegarBeate Pesian
Sun 9 Jun10.30Wollaston Mens CMens CAL 1-3Matt FirkinsRob Keeling HarrisBrian McBride
Thu 13 Jun18.30Wombourne Ladies ALadies CHD 2-2Anita EnglandJoanne BrothertonKay FarringtonBeate Pesian
Sun 16 Jun10.30Wolverhampton Mens DMens BAL 1-3Will ShawDalla GhumanAlex LeeBrian McBride
Thu 20 Jun18.30Albert Ladies ALadies AAD 2-2Emily SouthallKia Landell Tej PurewalHazel Richards
Sun 23 Jun10.00Cheslyn Hay Mens CMens CHW 4-0Nadeem AhmadJoseph Schwenk HarrisMike Coulson
Sun 23 Jun13.30Halesowen Ladies Ladies DAW 3-1Nidhi ThawaitAngela ThompsonBeate PesianBecky Turner
Sun 23 Jun10.00Streetly Mens CMens BAL 1-3Alex LeeAlex HullWill ShawTrevor Beardmore
Wed 26 Jun (from Fri 14 Jun)18.30Halesowen Ladies Ladies DHW 4-0Kay FarringtonAngela ThompsonNidhi ThawaitBecky Turner
Thu 27 Jun18.30Streetly Ladies BLadies CHW 3-1Anita EnglandDel JohnstonJoanne BrothertonAngela Thompson
Sat 29 Jun10.30Wombourne Ladies ALadies BHW 3-1Abi WallTayler LeeAlex LofthouseAnita England
Sun 30 Jun10.00Wollaston Mens CMens CHD 2-2Mike CoulsonNadeem Ahmad HarrisMatt Firkins
Wed 3 Jul18.30Wombourne Ladies ALadies BAW 4-0Abi WallJoanne BrothertonKay FarringtonDel Johnston
Thu 4 Jul18.30Old Hill Ladies Ladies CHD 2-2Joanne BrothertonAngela ThompsonAnita EnglandKay Farrington
Thu 4 Jul18.30Wolverhampton Ladies FLadies DAL 1-3Becky TurnerNidhi ThawaitGill PinnegarBeate Pesian
Sun 7 Jul14.30Wolverhampton Ladies ALadies AHL 0-4Tej PurewalAbi WallBecky TurnerKudzai Chivenga
Sun 7 Jul10.00Brewood Mens BMens CHD 2-2Matt FirkinsNadeem AhmadRob KeelingJoseph Schwenk
Wed 10 Jul (from Tue 25 Jun)18.30Streetly Mens CMens BHD 2-2Trevor BeardmoreNadeem AhmadAlex LeePaul Maguire
Thu 11 Jul18.30Wolverhampton Ladies BLadies AAD 2-2Emily SouthallTej PurewalBeate PesianTayler Lee
Fri 12 Jul18.30Streetly Mens EMens CAW 3-1Mike Coulson HarrisNadeem AhmadMatt Firkins
Sat 13 Jul10.30Old Hill Ladies Ladies BHW 3-1Tayler LeeAbi WallKay FarringtonDel Johnston
Sun 14 Jul10.00Linden Lea Mens AMens CHD 2-2 HarrisJoseph SchwenkCraig EastwoodDave Frame
Sun 14 Jul14.30Albert Ladies ALadies AHD 2-2Emily SouthallAngela LaxHazel RichardsTej Purewal
Tue 16 Jul (from Tue 11 Jun)18.30Albert Mens BMens BHW 3-1Chris InceTrevor BeardmoreAlex LeePaul Maguire
Thu 18 Jul (from Sun 16 Jun)18.30Cheslyn Hay Mens BMens CHW 3-1Mike Coulson HarrisRob KeelingNadeem Ahmad
Fri 19 Jul (from Tue 11 Jun)18.30Wolverhampton Ladies ALadies AAL 0-4WalkoverWalkoverWalkoverWalkover
Sun 21 Jul14.30Etchinghill Ladies ALadies AHL 0-4WalkoverWalkoverWalkoverWalkover
Thu 25 Jul (from Thu 6 Jun)18.30David Lloyd Great Barr Ladies ALadies CHW 3-1Anita EnglandDel JohnstonJoanne BrothertonAngela Thompson
Sun 28 Jul10.30Linden Lea Mens AMens CAU 2-0Matt FirkinsMike CoulsonRob KeelingNadeem Ahmad
Fri 2 Aug18.30Cheslyn Hay Mens AMens BAL 1-3Alex LeePaul MaguireTrevor BeardmoreCraig Eastwood
Fri 2 Aug18.30Cheslyn Hay Mens CMens CAW 3-1Nadeem AhmadRob KeelingMike CoulsonBrian McBride
Tue 6 Aug18.30Streetly Ladies BLadies CAD 2-2Anita EnglandDel JohnstonJoanne BrothertonAngela Thompson
Wed 7 Aug (from Fri 14 Jun)18.30Etchinghill Ladies ALadies AA0-0
Sun 11 Aug14.00David Lloyd Great Barr Ladies ALadies CAW 3-1Anita EnglandDel JohnstonNidhi ThawaitKate Sadler
Sun 11 Aug14.30Wolverhampton Ladies BLadies AH0-0
Mon 12 Aug18.30Wolverhampton Mens DMens BH0-0
Tue 20 Aug (from Tue 18 Jun)18.30Albert Mens CMens BH0-0
Sun 1 Sep10.30David Lloyd Great Barr Ladies ALadies BA0-0
Sun 1 Sep (from Sun 2 Jun)14.30Florence Ladies Ladies AH0-0
Tue 3 Sep (from Thu 9 May)18.30Brewood Mens BMens CA0-0
Sun 22 Sep (from Mon 8 Jul)10.30Albert Mens BMens BAU 3-0Dalla GhumanWill ShawPaul MaguireAlex Lee
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